River Oaks is open for business. The 30 day stay at home order for North Carolina allows for outdoor exercise and recreation. According to the official website, golf course may remain open. To ensure everyone’s safety, we are taking “extra” precautions…carts are disinfected with chlorine solution after every use, then pressure washed with cleaning solution.

We will allow one person in the golf shop at a time and greatly encourage credit or debit card versus cash. We will continue to offer grab and go food service. Call for a tee time at 704-883-8724. At River Oaks, its all about golf!

We want to thank everyone for the tremendous support and cooperation we are getting from our members and customers at River Oaks Golf Club. We are working hard to ensure everyone’s safety.

At River Oaks, we have 72 brand new Yamaha Electric golf carts. We sanitize them between each use and highly recommend one player per cart until this pandemic is over.

There is no upcharge for single rider…its just our way of taking care of each other. If your golf course doesn’t allow single person per cart, ask them why…and then come to River Oaks where its all about golf (and your safety).

Here’s the latest from River Oaks…YES, we are open. In fact, golf remains a safe outdoor activity if precautions are taken. At River Oaks, we are taking your safety (and ours) seriously.

We hope to reopen the driving range this weekend…going to disinfect range balls as they are picked from the range, disinfect baskets after every use, and space range stations 10 feet apart.

Call for a tee time at 704-883-8724. Tee times are limited due to one player per cart…I have 72 carts, so do the math! At River Oaks, its all about golf!